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Steve Fawkes shares his keen insights and bold perspective in his fully customisable, highly focused presentations all over the globe. Millions of pounds have been saved or more effectively deployed as a direct result of his advice around the world.

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The 5 critical things to know before you invest in energy efficiency 


Energy efficiency has become a buzz word as nations, cities and individuals scramble for ways to reduce costs and their environmental impact. Savvy investors recognise this fast growth area as one rife with profit opportunities. But what factors really differentiate a wise investment from a crackpot with a patent?

In this compelling, information-filled presentation by energy expert Steve, you and your team will discover:

  • Why Energy Efficiency Investments Will Turn Long Term Profits

  • Risk/Benefit Analysis: The 8 Questions You Should Be Asking

  • How Global Developments Influence Your ROI

  • Build a Robust Pipeline of Smart Energy Investments: How to Pick the Winners

  • Structuring a Sane, Safe Energy Investment Portfolio

Just like the people who first bought Disney, Coca Cola or Apple stock way back in the beginning, those investors who sense and seize the meteoric opportunity to invest in energy efficiency will one day be considered visionaries who saw the global energy transformation as it unfolded…and took advantage of it.

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