Outsourcing Energy Management 


This book describes energy management outsourcing as a way of addressing the current energy challenges facing all organisations, namely high and volatile energy prices, the need to mitigate climate change and potential supply constraints as oil production peaks. These problems are likely to intensify in the coming years, yet most organisations have reduced in-house capability to address them, thus outsourcing is seen as an essential part of any strategy to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. The author describes the basic processes of energy management and how to outsource them in a strategic way to achieve maximum results. The book offers a comprehensive guide to outsourcing energy management, discussing the risks and benefits and taking managers through the process of deciding whether to outsource or not, and finding and assessing an outsourcing partner. Managers looking to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions through the use of external service providers will find Outsourcing Energy Management an ideal ‘how to do it’ guide.


Steve has published more than 350 energy related articles and blogs. He has also contributed to several influential industry reports and calls for evidence including:

Energy Efficiency 


Energy Efficiency is a comprehensive guide for managers and policy-makers to the fundamental questions underpinning energy efficiency and the responses to it. The result is the most comprehensive review to-date of the barriers and opportunities associated with the efficient utilization of energy. Clearly written and erudite, Steve Fawkes addresses every aspect of energy efficiency, including the huge and vitally important untapped potential offered by effective energy management and the application of existing technology. He also identifies the barriers and how they can be overcome, and he provides a comprehensive review of innovative energy efficiency financing options. This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone with an interest in energy supply and demand reduction.

Best Practices and Case Studies for Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement: An Introduction for Policy Makers — with Kit Oung and David Thorpe 


This book is a guide for policy makers looking to implement new, or accelerate existing, policies to promote industrial energy efficiency. It focuses on major industries and opportunities for improving energy efficiency and on non-OECD countries. It sets out the case for strong policies to promote improved efficiency in industry, discusses the institutional issues for policy makers, and then sets out the principles of effective policies around information provision, regulation, finance and fiscal matters, and innovation. It illustrates the principles by the extensive use of case studies of global best practice.

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