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Steve Fawkes shares his keen insights and bold perspective in his fully customisable, highly focused presentations all over the globe. Millions of pounds have been saved or more effectively deployed as a direct result of his advice around the world.

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Energy efficiency: the brightest business opportunity of the century 


Utility executives are on the front lines of changing commercial and domestic energy use patterns. The tried-and-true profit model derived from energy generation and distribution is changing fast. Consumers, and companies are increasingly rejecting the old ways of doing business and looking for new solutions that meet their needs and those of the environment.

There has not been a better time to re-think, re-tool and revitalize the energy industry since the invention of electric light. The wide open opportunities for game-changing profits exist for those in a position to see and seize them.   In this presentation, Steve Fawkes will illuminate how your company can:

  • Identify and Investigate the Top 6 Areas of Opportunity in the Energy Efficiency Revolution

  • The 4 Critical Rules of Energy Efficiency that Will Light the Way to Profits

  • Transforming Your Business, Building Your Earth-Friendly Brand

  • Where to Find Potential Opportunity and How to Assess It Once You See It

  • Strategic Caution and Analytical Optimism

  • Why Some Companies Will Fail – and how to make sure yours isn’t one of them

The utility business is being disrupted like never before by new technologies such as renewables, distributed generation and storage – as well as changing customer needs and expectations. This presentation by Steve Fawkes will help you and your team assess the risks presented by these tumultuous changes and identify opportunities for new strategies and products that have the potential to transform your business into the utility of the future.

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