Businesses face an increasingly complex energy landscape.  New technologies and new markets are creating opportunities to generate energy and reduce and flex demand, offering fresh sources of value for companies prepared to go beyond business-as-usual.


We understand that developing a modern energy strategy isn’t a core business activity and often needs external support.  Our team of highly experienced specialists have advised and operated businesses within the energy market and bring this knowledge to our clients to guide them through the complexity of the energy transition.


For our corporate clients, we analyse business objectives, operations and asset base against the technical and commercial landscape to design the right energy strategies for you.  Our clients boost their energy productivity, reduce their environmental impact and decrease risk.


For providers of energy technologies and services, we advise on developing business models and strategies for the new energy world.  We provide access to finance and investment, and use our market-leading expertise in standardisation, aggregation and quality assurance to ensure deployed solutions meet the highest standards.

What we do


  • Corporate energy strategy

  • Implementation support

- Supplier selection

- Procurement support

- Financing energy initiatives 

- Managing performance 

  • Compliance and reporting 

  • Energy market strategies

Case Studies



Edina is a market-leading provider of distributed generation and cogeneration solutions.  Our joint venture with India’s EESL acquired Edina in 2018, and EESL are now using Edina’s technology in India to address the national need for more sustainable cooling technologies as part of a tri-generation drive.

In the UK, EnergyPro are providing Edina’s management team with strategic advisory services as they position the company in a changing energy market.

Transport For London (TfL) 


EnergyPro supported Transport for London™ (TfL) development of an estate-wide energy and electric transport strategy.  This incorporates behind-the-meter and grid-scale energy efficiency, demand management and generation initiatives across London being combined at unprecedented scale, along with new strategies to optimise the use of TfL™ electrical infrastructure and sourcing clean energy via Power Purchase Agreements.  The goal is to enable TfL to become a leader in surface transport electrification. 


EnergyPro consultants conducted a comprehensive estate-wide asset review and stakeholder engagement, formulating a long-list of energy initiatives.  Over a three-month engagement this was developed into a full strategy proposal in light of environmental, financial, political and technical constraints, and now underpins the work of TfL™ Energy Projects Division.

UK insulation and building envelope manufacturer 


We are working with a leading manufacturer of energy efficiency solutions to optimise their own energy expenditure and usage.  As a key supplier to the UK efficiency industry as it gears up for the net zero transition, the company has a responsibility to ‘walk the talk’ and is keen to take a market-leading position with its own operational energy footprint.  So far we have helped the client uncover significant cost savings by changing energy procurement strategy, and are now advising on how this can be reinvested to accelerate the decarbonisation of its operations and yield further cost savings.

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