Our team have been bringing change to the energy sector for many years.


We combine our knowledge of market trends and new industry developments with our direct operational experience to evaluate risks and realise opportunities in the energy sector. 


We provide rigorous, specialist insight to investors and companies.  For companies seeking investment for projects or growth we are a partner of a merchant bank giving us access to a broad range of investors.  


Our clients share a common purpose of balancing environmental and social impact with financial value creation. 



What we do


  • Due diligence

  • Market Intelligence

  • Asset performance  

  • Incubation and market development

Case Studies

Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) 


Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), a joint venture company set up by the Indian Government’s Ministry of Power to create and sustain markets for energy efficiency in India, is committed to investing £100 million in the UK over 3 years to promote and implement low carbon, energy-efficient, renewable energy solutions in both the public and private sectors.

EESL has formed a JV, EESL EnergyPro Assets Ltd (EPAL) with EnergyPro Asset Management Ltd (EPAM) and through that JV have made the following acquisitions: two operating companies which have energy services contracts in the education and leisure sectors; a stake in a grid scale battery storage project in Canada; and Edina, a market-leading provider of distributed generation and cogeneration solutions, the technology of which EESL is now using in India to address the national need for more sustainable cooling technologies as part of a tri-generation drive.

NegaWatt Supply Company (NWSC) 

This venture is bringing to market a game changing commercial model which delivers Smart Energy Efficiency™ or SEE™, as a managed service.  EnergyPro has funded the development phase of this project prior to raising investment from external sources.


SEE™ proves that by making a piece of student accommodation more energy and resource efficient, the value of the asset increases.  The innovative model delivers four key outcomes in a cost neutral solution to the client. Investment yield stability, increased asset value, compliance with government legislation, and an improved and more desirable product for the tenants. Ultimately the model creates Smart buildings for smart people, which seems appropriate when the initial target market is student accommodation. 

Recurve (formerly OpenEE) 

EnergyPro is developing the UK and European markets for Recurve’s technology.   Recurve offer an advanced software-as-a-service platform that measures energy efficiency savings so they can be valued as a contributor to network management and decarbonisation alongside flexibility resources like demand response.  For developers of energy efficiency programmes, Recurve provides cost-effective measurement of savings at a building level, and powerful programme management tools.  EnergyPro is developing collaborative projects to demonstrate and develop the technology for European markets, including with the UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Low Carbon Hub in Oxford.

US investor 

We supported a major US growth capital provider with entry into the UK retail energy sector.  We provided due diligence services, including a detailed analysis of risk and opportunity in the UK smart meter rollout.

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