The public sector is expected to lead from the front in today’s energy transition, going beyond cost reduction.  The sector can and should play an important role in addressing issues associated with fuel poverty, climate change and boosting local economies.  


We are experts in guiding our public sector clients through the complexity of the evolving energy market.  We analyse requirements, design high-performing commercial models and financial structures, and support the implementation of operational initiatives to allow the public sector to meet their targets.  


We have delivered services for UK cities and local authorities, BEIS and the European Commission.


The projects we work on share a common purpose of balancing environmental and social impact with financial viability.

Case Studies

SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) 

EnergyPro provides energy efficiency finance services in Ireland via SEAI’s energy efficiency framework.  In 2018-19 we delivered a suite of advice documents for client-side energy managers considering the use of energy contracts for efficiency and on-site renewables projects.


Plymouth City Council / FINERPOL

EnergyPro was contracted to design the structure and scope of a proposed £100m South West Low Carbon fund. This engagement required EnergyPro to engage with a range of stakeholders in the South West, including public and private sector partners, to design a fund structure that would enable participating public / private sector organisations to potentially access debt and equity facilities to invest in a range of low carbon projects, including energy efficiency, decentralised energy generation, e-mobility and energy storage.

Investor Confidence Project Europe 

EnergyPro identified the need to bring the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) to Europe.  In 2014 we built a coalition of supporters and then assembled a pan-European consortium, consisting of six companies and led the writing of a proposal for EC Horizon 2020 funding.  In November 2014 the Consortium was awarded a €2m grant to introduce ICP to Europe.  The project started in January 2015 and ran for 36 months.  It has developed ICP Protocols covering all 28 EU countries, recruited some 250 Ally organisations across Europe, including major financial institutions and corporates and is now rolling out ICP’s Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ project certification system across Europe.  In February 2017 the Consortium, with the addition of two new members, was awarded a second Horizon 2020 grant of €1.5m grant to extend the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ system to industrial energy efficiency projects, street lighting and district energy.  EnergyPro is the Co-ordinator of the two Horizon 2020 projects.  EU wide.


EnergyPro was the co-Project Manager for the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) Derisking project.  This €800,000 project had two main objectives, delivering a pan-European database of energy efficiency projects, and writing an Underwriting Toolkit for use by financial institutions in the energy efficiency financing market.  The database, DEEP, was launched in November 2016 with over 7,500 projects covering industry and buildings.  The Underwriting Guide was launched in June 2017.  


These two tools are seen by DG Energy as being an essential part of the policy framework for promoting the financing of energy efficiency.  EnergyPro is now part of the consortium currently implementing EEFIG 3 on behalf of DG Energy.


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