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Steve Fawkes shares his keen insights and bold perspective in his fully customisable, highly focused presentations all over the globe. Millions of pounds have been saved or more effectively deployed as a direct result of his advice around the world.

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How to accelerate your energy efficiency 


With energy costs rising and increased environmental pressure worldwide, insightful corporations and real estate owners are taking immediate, well-planned steps to increase efficient energy usage and lower costs. “A stitch in time saves nine” – properly executed strategies now will result in burgeoning benefits.

In this comprehensive and engaging programme, Steve Fawkes will create a compelling case for your immediate consumption reduction.

  • The Power Principle: How energy efficiency will help you boost profits and reduce costs

  • Climate Concerns: The ways energy efficiency increases employee performance and satisfaction…and raises productivity

  • Long vs. Short Term Gains: planning and implementing a capital investment programme

  • The Five Factor: The 5 most critical elements to evaluate before adopting any programme

Steve Fawkes’ keen insights will help reduce the risk and information overload many companies experience when attempting to make the right choice for their present and future energy needs. When seen from Fawkes’ comprehensive observation deck, companies make smarter choices and see the entire landscape of this important decision.

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