We support the development of energy efficiency solutions that we believe will have a significant impact on energy demand.


We use our global network to test these new business propositions prior to market entry and to initiate growth through internal and external investment.

Case Study

NegaWatt Supply Company (NWSC) 

This venture is bringing to market a game changing commercial model which delivers Smart Energy Efficiency™ or SEE™, as a managed service.  EnergyPro has funded the development phase of this project prior to raising investment from external sources.


SEE™ proves that by making a piece of student accommodation more energy and resource efficient, the value of the asset increases.  The innovative model delivers four key outcomes in a cost neutral solution to the client. Investment yield stability, increased asset value, compliance with government legislation, and an improved and more desirable product for the tenants. Ultimately the model creates Smart buildings for smart people, which seems appropriate when the initial target market is student accommodation. 


Photo: Geetanjal Khanna

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