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Energy Efficiency. How much will policy and technology cut energy demand?

On 9th May I presented at the Flame Conference, Europe’s leading natural gas and LNG conference. This was a different audience for me as I don’t often present to the massed ranks of the energy supply industry. As I said during my introduction, my good news is usually their bad news. Here is a version of my presentation. We are at the beginning of the perfect storm for energy efficiency with six major drivers all coming together. The drivers are: Policy Economics Finance Technology Business models Market infrastructure My argument is that these drivers coming together will significantly accelerate the uptake of the energy efficiency potential and seriously dent future energy demand. In Eu

The G20 Energy Efficiency Forum and the Energy Efficiency Investment Tool

On 2nd May I was fortunate enough to present at the G20 Energy Efficiency Forum and take part in a panel discussion. The G20 energy efficiency work has not got much attention but there are some good things happening and at the event the group, with 15 participating countries chaired by France and Mexico, launched its G20 Energy Efficiency Toolkit. The toolkit offers a perspective on scaling up energy efficiency investments by defining and separating “core” EE investments – those stand-alone projects where energy savings are the main driver – and “integral” investments where overall asset performance is the lead driver but energy efficiency is delivered as one of multiple benefits over and a

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