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Steve Fawkes' remarks on accepting the ACEEE Champion of Energy Efficiency Award 2017 in Denver

I was honoured to be presented with an ACEEE Champion of Energy Efficiency Award in Denver, Colorado on 17th August. Here are my remarks on accepting the Award at the ACEEE Industry Event. Thank you very much for this award. It is a great honour to be given an award by the ACEEE as most of my work is outside the US and I am a big fan of the work of ACEEE. When I flew over for this I wasn’t expecting to have to make an acceptance speech so I was very surprised when I read in the programme “presentations by award winners”. When I asked Ethan for advice, he suggested talking about how I got into energy efficiency and something about the industry. Well, it may not surprise you that when I was

Four reasons why financial institutions should be active in energy efficiency

This is the first in a series of blogs based on and picking up key elements in the EEFIG Underwriting Toolkit which was published in June. The Toolkit aims to equip financing institutions to better value and assess the risks of energy efficiency projects. There are four reasons why financial institutions should consider deploying capital into energy efficiency: energy efficiency represents a large potential market. The IEA estimates that in 2015 global investment in energy efficiency was USD 221 billion with approximately USD 32 billion being financed through explicit energy efficiency mechanisms such as Energy Performance Contracts or green bonds. To achieve our climate goals this level of

Making existing lending processes drive energy efficiency

A recent article entitled “All Lenders must be green lenders” by friend and EnergyPro collaborator in the US Sean Neil emphasised an important aspect of green and energy efficiency financing that often seems to be forgotten and which we have been writing about for a while. This is how do we ensure that all lending is green, or in the specific case of energy efficiency, how do we all ensure all financing achieves the optimum levels of energy efficiency. This text draws upon the EEFIG Underwriting Toolkit and work I carried out for KAPSARC on financing energy productivity. Every working day loans, mortgages, leases and investments are made into new buildings, building refurbishments and mode

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