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Increasing the flow of investment into energy efficiency in industry

The most recent EEFIG meeting focused on industry, a sector that is sometimes neglected compared to buildings. I summarised the work on the EEFIG Underwriting Toolkit and took the opportunity to give a few remarks on how to increase the flow of investment into energy efficiency in industry. When talking about energy efficiency investment we often assume we are talking about third party, external investment from banks or funds but the reality is that most efficiency investment is internally funded. The EEVS survey in the UK shows that over 5 years only 5% of projects were financed by third party finance. The IEA energy efficiency report shows that global energy efficiency investment in 2016

Tackling the Government on energy issues: How should we view security of supply, energy efficiency a

ESTA invited me to make a keynote address at their UMR Conference in Birmingham on 10th October 2017. Thanks to ESTA and the attendees for the opportunity and the questions. As usual this written version represents a tidied up and more coherent version of what I actually said on the day. First of all I am always pleased to be back in Birmingham because it is where I took my undergraduate degree and first studied energy matters. Secondly I am pleased to be in Birmingham as last week I was supposed to be presenting in Barcelona but I don’t like going into cities with civil unrest, fortunately Birmingham is not quite ready to declare independence but given the crazy world we live in now let’

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