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EnergyPro is looking to recruit a new Consultant

EnergyPro is looking for a Consultant who wants help build a business that is addressing energy and sustainability problems. As part of continued expansion, EnergyPro Ltd is looking to recruit a new Consultant to help drive forward the energy and sustainability advisory line. This is a key appointment for the EnergyPro business. The Partners are looking for a Consultant with experience in the sustainability sector who is an entrepreneurial self-starter with a proven track record in external client liaison and driving revenue. The role requires: a strong technical background in energy, energy efficiency, financing, sustainability and climate change or related areas ability to drive the busi

India – a global player in energy efficiency

It has been a while since I have had a chance to write a blog because I have been very busy working with our JV partner EESL as well as on other projects. In November I made my first ever visit to India to speak at the INSPIRE event, so it seemed appropriate to write about energy efficiency in India. First of all when you look at India you have to get used to the big numbers, starting with 1.3 billion people, installed electrical capacity of 331 GW, and economic growth rates of 7 to 8%. When you project current trends forward you quickly realise that energy efficiency in India is a matter that should concern the whole world. If India gets it right the world has some chance of meeting clim

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