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Moving capital from energy supply to energy efficiency

On the 14th September I was very pleased to be able to present to the Association of Environment Conscious Building (AECB) Convention. It was a great event, based in a Passive House standard community centre and it was excellent to meet some old friends, as well as make new interesting contacts. It was also an excellent opportunity to visit two amazing passive houses. The following is based on my slides and presentation: Thank you for the opportunity to speak today. I have a long standing interest in low energy housing and in fact helped build some low energy self-build houses in the 1980s including a house at Energy World in Milton Keynes. I am here to talk today about how to shift capita

Thoughts on the energy transition

On the 13th September I was asked to give some thoughts on the energy transition to a gathering at Opus Energy. Here is an edited version of my remarks. Thank you to Opus for giving me the opportunity to give some of my views on the energy transition. I started work in energy efficiency in 1980 and although we didn’t use the term back then I have been actively involved in the energy transition ever since. We say energy transition these days as short-hand to cover the shift away from centralised, primarily fossil fuel energy sources to more decentralised, cleaner and more flexible energy sources, and all the other things associated with that. We should always remember that there have been

An Autumn update from EnergyPro

From the desk of Steve Fawkes, Founder & Managing Partner at EnergyPro Ltd: The start of Autumn seems like a good time to update you on EnergyPro, what we are doing and where we are going. It has been an eventful summer, with exceptional weather events globally starting to look more and more like the climate change predictions that seemed like scare mongering only a few years ago. In the US the Trump saga continues to play out to its inevitable end, the important question is how much permanent damage is being done both to institutions and social discourse. The attempts by the Trump Administration to freeze Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards and support the coal industry can only ever

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