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Emerging Energy Efficiency

During my visit to Delhi to be a judge for the INSPIRE 2018 event I was privileged to be asked to speak to EESL managers on international developments in energy efficiency. I say privileged because talking to EESL about energy efficiency is like taking coals to Newcastle (as we used to say when there was a UK coal industry), or selling sand to the Middle East or snow to the Eskimos. EESL’s programmes such as UJALA, smart meters and EVs are massive in their scale, inspirational in their ambition and vitally important for Indian and global development. The rest of the world has a lot to learn from them. Here are some brief thoughts that emerged from my presentation. Context To achieve our en

Let's build a market for energy efficiency

At the recent IEA Energy Efficiency Conference EnergyPro contributed to a side meeting The Role of Energy Efficiency in Europe’s Flexibility Agenda. The session was designed to discuss new business models and technologies that enable efficiency to contribute to flexibility. In particular we, along with Matt Golden, focused on OpenEE which enable utilities, network operators and programme managers to meter the effect of energy efficiency in time and location. This technology is now being applied in a growing number of US states to measure and value the impact of energy efficiency programmes and enable pay for performance programmes, where payment is directly related to energy savings rather

Smarter Finance for Smarter Cities

Last week I attended the “Smart Finance for Smarter Lighthouse Cities” seminar which brought together cities, investors and others working on the Sharing Cities Lighthouse project. This project brings together six cities across Europe with the ambitious aim of triggering €500 million of investment into smart city solutions and engaging with 100 cities. The interactive day was very productive. The first question asked was “what does smart finance for smart cities mean?”. My answer was that it is finance that comes with the other pieces of the jigsaw that are essential to ensure a continuous flow of financeable deals, i.e. assistance to develop pipelines of bankable projects (“project devel

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