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Witnessing the energy transition

The end of January (30th) brings another significant birthday, (one that I have trouble believing), and those events are an excuse for some retrospective thinking as well as consideration of the future. I thought I would briefly review “my life in energy”, trying to explain some of the influences on me, set against the unfolding energy transition, so please indulge me. In the 1960s I really liked visiting North Wales. Snowdonia, the castles and the Ffestiniog Railway all combine to make North Wales a special place. One year we visited the Ffestiniog pumped storage hydro scheme. The scale of the engineering and the vision to dig tunnels and caverns out of the mountainside, as well as the sto

Elegance and Energy Efficiency

Elegance: The quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness. (Oxford Dictionary) The economic and environmental advantages of energy efficiency are extremely well documented. As well as the value of avoided energy use we now recognise the economic and social value of multiple non-energy benefits as diverse as increased productivity, improved health and better learning outcomes. The case for low energy, high performance buildings, and for retro-fitting existing buildings to achieve high levels of performance is clear. Furthermore the combination of near zero energy design, local generation through solar PV and demand response technologies mean that we are moving into an age wh

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