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EnergyPro partners with merchant bank Cameron Barney

EnergyPro is pleased to announce that it has expanded its ability to fulfil its purpose of increasing capital flows into energy and resource efficiency by entering a partnership with Cameron Barney, a merchant bank focussed on infra-tech. This partnership greatly enhances our capacity to bring capital to entrepreneurial companies combining infrastructure and technology to create sustainable solutions. Cameron Barney LLP is one of the foremost advisers and investors in the UK’s fibre broadband sector having been the earliest funders of rural broadband and advising many of the UK’s alternative fibre network companies. Since 2008 Cameron Barney has been providing strategic financial advice to

The improving ratio of conferences to deals in the 'Paris of the East'

One of the most memorable phrases I first heard at the ACEEE Finance Forum in 2012 was that ‘the problem with efficiency financing is that the ratio of conferences to deals is too high’. That remains true although there are good signs that the ratio is improving, the number of conferences seems the same (or maybe higher) but the number and value of deals is definitely increasing in lots of places around the world. On my recent trip to Bucharest for the 2nd Round Table on Energy Efficiency Financing held under the auspices of the Sustainable Energy Investment Forum I saw more evidence of this change. The meeting was encouraging because a) several banks were in the room leading the conversat

Infrastructure, Infratech and Sustainability

Infrastructure and sustainability Ultimately the multiple environmental and social challenges – not only climate change but dangerous air pollution, ocean acidification, providing modern energy to those without it, and feeding a growing population just to name a few – which are addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals – all come down to our choice of infrastructure and its design. In this context infrastructure is not exactly the same meaning as the traditional definition of infrastructure used by investors but there is close overlap. Our existing infrastructure in the domains of energy, the built environment, transport, and agriculture, was designed and built in a different age with

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