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Blog: The Rise and Fall, and Rise of Energy Efficiency

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. Ludwig Wittgenstein I have been in the energy efficiency business long enough to witness several waves of interest and activity around energy efficiency. Right now we are definitely in an up-wave which is good for business and good for the environment. As part of a recent assignment to research global energy efficiency as a service markets I found myself having a discussion about the definitions and language around energy efficiency – which is always a good start to improving thinking and communication. In 2015 I suggested that perhaps we should ditch the phrase energy efficiency and switch to using energy productivity. That suggestio

Latest News From EnergyPro: Spring 2020

Dear Colleague, “In these uncertain times…” It seems most emails we receive at the moment start with these words or variations thereon. And quite rightly. It would be absurd not to acknowledge the strangeness and the anxiousness of this moment in history. But the world is certainly not standing still. At EnergyPro we are busier than ever, working from various corners of the country on projects around the world to advance the clean energy transition and the investments that will make it happen. So, while wishing all our clients, friends and fellow ex-travellers the very best, here is an otherwise Coronavirus-free update on what’s keeping us so busy. Stay safe. You can also follo

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