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January 30th, 2020 - We will have some exciting news to announce in a few weeks’ time, but in the meantime here’s a spoiler-free summary of what else we’ve been up to. Thanks for all the positive responses to our last newsletter, keep them coming, and we hope you find this just as interesting. It is only in the last few years that the importance of cooling has been recognised by energy and climate professionals, and solving the sustainable cooling problem is absolutely critical if we are going to successfully address climate change. Our Managing Partner, Steve Fawkes, writes about The Global Cooling Prize which seeks to address this issue in his blog - 'The Perfect Cooling Storm'.

So what have we been up to?

Bridges to India. EnergyPro Asset Management (EPAM), continues to work closely with the Indian super-ESCo EESL, building a bridge between the UK and Indian energy transitions in our unique JV. EPAM connects companies here which have solutions to problems in the Indian market with EESL, and other outlets in India, by bringing expertise and capital. The company has developed a pipeline of UK and European companies with technology relevant to the Indian market and is now in the process of taking them to India. The remit is energy efficiency with particular focus on the key strategic areas for India of smart metering, sustainable cooling and e-mobility.

In our expanding and continuing involvement with the Indian market, Steve Fawkes will be moderating a panel at Energise 2020 (11 - 13 Feb), the conference of the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy in Hyderbad, India.

Impact Investment. You may not have noticed but the first listing of the decade on the London Stock Exchange was an energy efficiency company, eEnergy plc. The company was advised by EnergyPro’s partner merchant bank Cameron Barney, with input from EnergyPro. eEnergy’s core business is eLight, which is the UK and Ireland’s leading “light as a service” businesses, which enables schools and businesses to switch to LED lighting for no upfront investment. The company is expanding into energy management services, to provide customers with a competitive switch to green energy and ongoing transparent management of their energy supply. eEnergy intends to consolidate the energy services sector through strategic acquisitions and further investment in technology.

ESCO-in-a-box. EnergyPro, Low Carbon Hub and our partners Oxford Brookes University, BASE and Energy Group has completed a feasibility study under the government’s BASEE programme (Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency). Our ESCO-in-a-box solution is a simple, readily repeatable model with templates creating a clear process with standardised contracts, insurance solutions, independent saving verification and financing products - all the components needed to deliver energy projects effectively to SMEs. The feasibility study explored the idea of piloting this approach in Oxfordshire before rolling out to other regions. More news on this soon.

Edina: strategy for the energy transition. As a leading provider of distributed heat and power solutions, Edina has a great deal to offer a net zero world where flexibility in the power grid will be even more important. But it also recognises that the use of natural gas will come under pressure in future. We have been working with Edina throughout 2019 to develop its strategy for the net zero transition, and look forward to supporting its implementation during 2020 and beyond.

International market studies. A major overseas institutional investor is relying on EnergyPro’s expertise to understand how energy efficiency as a service business models are evolving around the world. We are carrying out an in-depth review of global markets, looking at how services are positioned in the energy value chain, and focusing particularly on the emergence of ‘as-a-service’ models integrating multiple technologies and value streams.

Green Finance Institute Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings. We are delighted to be asked to participate in this vital initiative. The EnergyPro team have long experience in residential retrofit and have worked with US pioneers Recurve for several years. Together we advocate a data-led approach that treats residential energy ‘prosumption’ as a resource for both balancing the network and decarbonising it over the long term. In essence, if energy savings can be properly measured, they can be properly valued and integrated into network planning and management, and into future markets. We believe this will be a powerful driver of home retrofits in future.

Could our expertise and experience help resolve an energy problem or create an investment opportunity? Please reach out to us. We look forward to continuing the conversation. The EnergyPro Team

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