Managing Partner

For over 30 years Steve has advocated and implemented new techniques in energy management and efficiency, including early use of Monitoring and Targeting, employee engagement programmes, new energy service models, renewables and standardisation of energy efficiency projects. He has had a significant impact on energy efficiency in the UK and beyond through the large efficiency programmes he has implemented, his advisory work, prolific writing, public speaking and fund raising.

Steve brings a wide experience base, as well as deep technical and financial understanding of the energy sector and the role of energy efficiency within it. For corporates, public sector bodies and governments looking to improve energy productivity he can bring fresh insight and momentum to existing energy efficiency programmes.  For corporates looking for growth opportunities in the new energy economy he can bring insight, strategy and implementation skills covering both Operations and M&A.  For technology companies and funds looking to develop new ventures he brings sector knowledge, extensive global contacts in industry and finance, experience of raising capital, and a real commitment to implementing good governance based on a strong belief in the importance of ensuring ethics in business.

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