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Steve Fawkes shares his keen insights and bold perspective in his fully customisable, highly focused presentations all over the globe. Millions of pounds have been saved or more effectively deployed as a direct result of his advice around the world.

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The jigsaw of energy efficiency financing

The 5 critical things to know before you invest in energy efficiency

The jigsaw of energy efficiency financing 


Lots of people are talking about investing in energy efficiency but it remains a small niche where the ratio of conferences to deals is far too high. Energy efficiency people say there is “no money” and money people say there are “no deals”. At the same time policy makers are increasingly saying we must increase investment into energy efficiency. This presentation looks at the various pieces that need to be assembled to really scale the energy efficiency financing market.

In this presentation Steve will:

  • Tell you what is really happening in the global energy efficiency financing market today

  • Identify the blockers to scaling the market

  • Show you what the different actors (energy efficiency industry, finance industry, policy makers) need to do

  • Describe global best practices.

It will help policy makers, energy efficiency and finance professionals understand what is happening in the market today, and what pieces of the jigsaw they need to deliver to make a healthy energy efficiency financing market.

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